Dump Truck Insurance

What Is It?

What is Dump Truck insurance? Dump Truck insurance is a kind of insurance that helps protect your truck if something bad happens to it.  It also protects you in the event you hit someone.


Who's It For?

  • Dump Truck Operators
  • Owner Operators
  • Over The Road Truckers
  • Interstate Trucker
  • Intrastate Trucker
  • There are many more


What Is Offered?

  • Auto Liability Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Trailer Interchange Coverage
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage
  • Truckers General Liability
  • Many More Are Accessible


Get a Quote?

Dump Truck Insurance in Minnesota

The transportation sector is the backbone of our economy. Whether you own a trucking business or a box truck company, Coast Transport Insurance Service is dedicated to assisting you in lowering your risks and costs. Gas prices, claim frequency, and federal and/or state rules might all be detrimental to your business. You may get over these roadblocks by working with a broker who is aware of these issues and can provide you a competitive edge.

The trucking business is the cornerstone of the world economy. Whether you own a trucking business or a delivery service, Coast Transport Insurance Service is dedicated to helping you lower risks and costs. Although we can assist with nearly any trucking operation, the following are some instances of recent assistance: Dump truck drivers, agricultural haulers, box truck carriers, auto haulers, bulk cement haulers, hot shot truck drivers, general freight truck drivers, product haulers, and intermodal haulers are all types of haulers.

The global economy is based on the trucking industry. Whether you own a delivery business or a trucking company, Coast Transport Insurance Service is committed to assisting you in reducing risks and expenses.  We can help with practically any trucking operation, but here are some examples of areas where we have recently helped: intrastate and interstate haulers, dump truck operators, agriculture haulers, box truck carriers, auto haulers, bulk cement haulers, hot shot truckers, general freight truckers, produce haulers and  intermodal haulers

We can offer the following truck insurance products whether your an owner operator or large trucking fleet

Whether your an owner operator or large trucking fleet, here are some of the truck types we can insure

What is Dump Truck Insurance?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates commercial motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,001 pounds or more to be covered when it comes to truck insurance. This covers both vehicles used for intrastate or interstate commerce as well as those built to carry at least 16 people. Vehicles that transport hazardous chemicals and agricultural products are also subject to the rule. This implies that any vehicle moving products or materials for commercial reasons has to be protected by a commercial truck insurance policy that has been authorized.


What Trucking Companies Need Dump Truck Insurance?

When it comes to commercial truck insurance, the FMCSA requires that all vehicles operating in interstate commerce must carry a minimum of $750,000 in liability insurance. This minimum requirement applies to all types of commercial motor vehicles, including tractor trailers and other vehicles that transport passengers or cargo. For intrastate commerce, the amount of coverage varies by state.

In addition to the required liability coverage, some states may also require motor carriers to have cargo insurance or physical damage insurance to protect their vehicles from theft, vandalism, accidents, and other types of damage. Motor carriers should be sure to check with their local state laws for more specific requirements for commercial truck insurance coverage.



What Coverages Are Available Through Dump Truck Insurance Policies?

Understanding what truck insurance covers and what is necessary to maintain compliance is crucial if you drive a truck. Let’s examine the various vehicle insurance coverages in more detail.



  • Medical Coverage: May provide coverage for certain medical and funeral expenses for all those occupying a  covered vehicle involved in an accident.
  • Collision Coverage: May provide coverage in the event of a loss or damage to an insured vehicle caused by a collision or turnover.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: May provide coverage in the event of a loss or damage to an insured vehicle caused by incidents other than a collision.
  • Downtime Coverage: May provide coverage for rental cars costs to temporarily replace an insured vehicle due to a covered loss.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage: Cover a truckers liability for property of others, while it is in their custody or control.
  • General Liability Coverage: Coverage protects the insured’s business for damages an insured is legally liable because of bodily injury / property damage caused by an accident arising out of the insured’s business operations, but not directly involving the insured vehicle.


Do Dump Truck Operators Need Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

Although dump trucks do not typically transport precious cargo, it is still recommended to add motor truck cargo coverage to their policy. Loads of soil, sand, gravel, and other items still possess a noteworthy value and motor truck cargo coverage can safeguard these kinds of freight.


How can I Get Dump Truck Insurance?

Contact a independent truck insurance agent at Coast Transport Insurance Services for help with truck insurance. Our agents will help you compare semi truck insurance policies from different companies, and we have the knowledge to help you decide which policy is best for your type of business.


dump truck insurance
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